- Our range of Peppers includes Picnic Packs for both Ground Black Pepper and Ground White Pepper, Grinders for Black Peppercorns and the colourful Four Seasons Pepper, as well as refill Whole Peppercorn bags for both Black Peppercorns as Blended Peppercorns.

SAXA Ground Black Pepper adds brilliant, convenient flavour to food. The perfect travelling companion, the iconic picnic pack is convenient for use by the stove, on the table, or out and about.

SAXA Ground White Pepper adds piquant flavour to all of your savoury dishes, and alos comes in a Picnic Pack. White pepper is traditionally used in clear soups, white sauces or with white meat dishes to give flavour without adding black flecks to the dish.

SAXA also has pepper grinders available for you as a pre-filled unit. See grinders for more information.

SAXA also has refill pepper bags available in Black Whole Peppercorns and Blended Whole Peppercorns to allow for refilling a grinder at home.

White Pepper - Picnic Pack - 50g Black Pepper - Picnic Pack - 50g 4 Seasons Pepper Grinder
Black Peppercorn Grinder Black Peppercorn Grinder Black Peppercorn Grinder

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